Life Members

1987John HartlService to the Club (former President)
1992/3Chris DavisFoundation member
Service to the Club (former Club Mechanic)
TBCKevin GregoryService to the Club
TBCMargaret CookService to the Club (former Secretary)
TBCRalph MorrishService to the Club & Cycling (former Treasurer)
2006Errol SchmidtService to the Club (former President, Historian)
2006John CaldwellService to the Club (former President)
2006Barry PollockService to the Club (former Club Coach, Handicapper)
2006Bill WassService to the Club & Cycling
2007Kevin TankardService to the Club & the sport of Cycling
2010Arthur AndersonService to the Club
2014Richard HaleIn recognition of his dedication to office, service to the Club and to the sport of cycling.
2016Dave PriestService to the Club and to the sport of cycling in Sunraysia.
2020Tom AthornService to the Club (former President, scrutineer, handicapper, and commissaire)

The criteria for nominating a person for Life Membership are as follows:
 The person must be a current financial member of the Club;
 The person must have a significant length of membership (e.g. greater than 10 yrs) with the Club;
 The person must have made an ongoing contribution to the running of the Club over the time of their membership. This contribution could consist of racing, membership of the Committee, being a strong advocate of the Club & its activities and/or cycling in general, or performing regular voluntary work for the Club; and
 The person must be considered to be respected by his/her fellow Club members.