Club Info

The Mildura-Coomealla Cycling Club is a properly constituted and incorporated sporting club. It is affiliated with AusCycling (AC), the national governing body of cycling in Australia. Club administration is encumbered within the Coomealla Memorial Sporting Club, at Dareton NSW.

The club strives to:

  • conduct competitive cycling events in accordance with the rules established by the sport’s governing bodies
  • conduct itself in accordance with the properly established constitution and by-laws of the Club and AusCycling
  • promote cycling as a healthy sport
  • encourage members to treat each other fairly and equally, and with respect as members of a team
  • recognise the needs and goals of individual athlete’s by providing accredited coaching

Members are required to:

  • treat each other with the respect afforded between athletes
  • show a duty of care to other members when involved in club sanctioned activities
  • conduct themselves in a socially acceptable manner whilst representing the Club at all cycling events